DocDesigner is the easiest tool for creating documents in Bitrix24.

We have been working very hard to design the new version of our app. Finally it's ready. It comes with a lot of new features. Check it out now!

Now it's available for cloud and self-hosted versions of Bitrix24.

DocDesigner is available for cloud and self-hosted versions of Bitrix24!

DocDesigner is a tool, which will help you to create documents in PDF & DOCX using a template. (The Learning course by DocDesigner is available at

The full Bitrix24-interface integration with detailing CRM.

DocDesigner is able to create an unlimited number of templates for creation of different documents, such as: an invoice, a power of attorney, an order, a memorandum, other free format documents). The App creates documents in PDF & DOCX format on CRM data basis (transactions, leads, companies, etc).
All the documents can be enumerated automatically and saved.

We hope that our tool will be useful and helpful for your Business Processes.
We will be happy to know about your opinion, questions and requests about DocDesigner.

To automatic document generation by business processes and webhooks connect additional plugin. It could be done by DocDesigner settings.