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How it works

There are only two conditions:
1. You need to be registered in getSignEasy.com
2. You need to have your Bitrix24.

You have to configure neccessary signature template in your getSignEasy.com account (profile). You can find how to make this in getSignEasy.com manuals.

You must get an ClientID and ClientSecret from getSignEasy.com and enter these data in the application settings.

For your convenience, you can create several e-mail templates in the application. For example, each getSignEasy.com signature template has its own e-mail template.

You have to open a contact (company) profile in your Bitrix24, select the "SignEasy" tab. To send a message, select the Singnature Request tab. Select the getSignEasy.com template, the e-mail template, and click send.

Now wait for the document to be signed.