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Sign Here with getSignEasy.com (cloud version)

What is it?

«SignEasy Integration» is one of the tools of "Sign Here" project for the integration of different electronic signature services with Bitrix24.

Other applications of "Sign Here" project:
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Already done.
  We are working on it.
  We are going to do it.

With the «SignEasy Integration» (SignEasy Gateway) application you can create the signature request from the contact (company) profile and it will be sent by your signature service. All signed documents are stored in the contact (company) profile. You can view or download any document directly in Bitrix24.

Why FREE is not really FREE?

"SignEasy Integration" is marked as free in Bitrix24 Marketplace because the Marketplace does not yet support apps billing. 

But "SignEasy Integration" is a commercial application

Nevertheless, there is a free 30-days trial period for our application.
Also, the application is provided for free to all our clients who buy or continue their Bitrix24 subscription with HTMLStudio.

Please be aware that "SignEasy Integration" is a tool, which integrates two cloud services -"Bitrix24" and "getSignEasy.com" and helps them to work in combination.

So, the fee for "SignEasy Integration" does not include or replace any possible fees for your "Bitrix24" and "getSignEasy.com" services.

The service is available for all subscriptions to Bitrix24 and for Premium subscription to getSignEasy.com. 

How it works

There are only two conditions:
1. You need to be registered in getSignEasy.com
2. You need to have your Bitrix24.

You have to configure neccessary signature template in your getSignEasy.com account (profile). You can find how to make this in getSignEasy.com manuals.

You must get an ClientID and ClientSecret from getSignEasy.com and enter these data in the application settings.

For your convenience, you can create several e-mail templates in the application. For example, each getSignEasy.com signature template has its own e-mail template.

You have to open a contact (company) profile in your Bitrix24, select the "SignEasy" tab. To send a message, select the Singnature Request tab. Select the getSignEasy.com template, the e-mail template, and click send.

Now wait for the document to be signed.

Road Map

"SignEasy Integration" Road Map.

Authorisation and access issues

"Bitrix24", "getSignEasy.com", and "SignEasy Integration" - authorisation and access issues.

1. For "Bitrix24" users.

All users of your "Bitrix24"-portal have the access to "SignEasy Integration" application by default.

When you add a new user to your "Bitrix24", the access to "SignEasy Integration" is  allowed for him by default.

You can restrict the access to "SignEasy Integration" for those, who do not need it.

You can allow the access for the group of users or you can make a special list of users for "SignEasy Integration" with these settings:

In this case, the new user will not have the access to the application, if he is not included into this group or the list.

2. "getSignEasy.com" user.

As many as necessary users of your "Bitrix24" can work with "SignEasy Integration", but the tool requires one API key of "getSignEasy.com" user. So, you need to choose an API key holder - a user registered in "getSignEasy.com".

It can be any user able to control all flows of the signature process and documents in the company.

On his behalf all signature requests will be made (see "SignEasy Gateway" Road Map). Also, he will receive notifications and audit trails related all signature requests made in the company. Also, this user will be able to control everything via his "getSignEasy.com" account.

"SignEasy Integration" provides an option to create a special template. With this template the signature request recipient will be able to identify the signature request sender - the user of your "Bitrix24", who initiated the request. This option is useful for effective communication of your employees with their customers.

In other words, one "getSignEasy.com" user (API key holder) becomes an intermediary between your "Bitrix24" users and all signature request recipients.

3. For signature request recipients.

There is no need for signature request recipients to be registered in "getSignEasy.com" or in your "Bitrix24". 

They can sign the documents on their smartphone or tablet display using the link, which they receive in the e-mail letter.




There are a few steps:

   1. Open SignEasy settings and click "Connect".

2. Type your credentials in SignEasy authentication form and click "Log In".

Click "Accept".

Close this window.

SirgEasy gateway is completed.

E-mail templates

You can create an unlimited number of e-mail templates for sending.

You can use several placeholders for template.
{NAME} - for contact name or company title
{USER:LAST_NAME} {USER:NAME} - for user's last name and name.