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Business Process & Drive

DocDesigner supports creation of documents while a Business Processes is executing.

There are a few steps to setup it.

1. Put a special activity to your Business Process template.

2. Set parameters of activity.

2.1. You should set a main parameters of activity: template name, document type, save/not save a doc.
2.2. If you use parameters for DocDesigner template you should add same parameters to Business Process template and set a conformity for each by scheme ParamID={=ParamValue}.
2.3. Run as - it's very important setting. The user that is signed here will be get a notice about document creation. It's recomended to set here "Created by". It means that a notice will be sended to user which have run a Business Process.

3. Run Business Process via main interface of Bitrix24.

4. Wait for a while... When document is completed you'll get a notice.

5. You may download a file or look for it on Company Drive. All documents will be stored on Company Drive in folder DocDesigner.