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PDF documents is created by default.
For your application you can enable or disable the creation of documents in DOCX and HTML.
You can also enable the "Print only saved documents," it may be useful in cases where a document must have the number. Only saved documents has a number.

Restrict deletion of own documents to employees: disables the ability to delete documents to all employees.

Add to the archive after 30 days: automatically hide the documents in the journal of documents by more than 30 days ago.

Show archive: show all documents in the journal, including archives.

Remove penny: disable the output of the fractional part of all amounts.

Accuracy quantity: allows you to set the number of characters in the derivation of the fractional part of the number.

Use link Task & CRM: connect event, which will establish the link between the objectives and CRM objects in the application. This option will be relevant in the case, if you use an application to generate documents on the basis of tasks and you need a coherent information between task and Deal (lead, etc.).

Create CRM invoice based on this template: when creating a document based on the template selected in the list will be established "standard" bill Bitrix24 with the same number.

Docs available for XLS: this option connects the creation of documents in XLS format. This feature is implemented to produce documents in the format of "summary sheet". Support for this format is not carried out. The ability to generate XLS is provided "as is".