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Webhook handlers

Webhook Handlers - is a set of activity to be performed in the prescribed sequence.
To access the list of the specific webhook handlers invoke the context menu and select "Open".

Is realised types of handlers (action):
  • to create a new document from a template;
  • to send a letter;
  • to create a task;
  • to modify CRM object;
  • to change price type
To add a handler click on "New handler".

On the form, specify the name of the handler, and then select its type. Depending on handler type will be different activity settings.

The sort order is very important in the list of handlers. Activities will be carried out in that order.

After editing the settings, click "Save".

Each handler has a "Notification" field. If you'll save it blank, nothing will happen. If you'll specify there some text, you'll get a notification with specified text.